The Next Generation of Venture Funding: Powered by the Blockchain

We create asset-backed security tokens to help security issuers raise more capital and offer investors true liquidity.
Ready to tokenize your next project?
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What is Solidblock?

Smart Contract Development & Management Platform for Tokenized Securities

Solidblock technology gives you the ability to:
  • Tokenize any asset and sell shares in exchange for fiat or cryptocurrency
  • Reduce overhead costs and get up and running quickly
  • Structure your security according to your business objectives
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Give Your Investors What They Really Want: Peace of Mind

All investors are looking for high rates of return on their investments. But they also want to know their funds are safe and accessible.
When you tokenize your security withSolidblock, your investors benefit from enhanced liquidity and fast, secure, low-cost transactions, so they can rest easy knowing their investments are accessible and tradable with the push of a button.
Tokenize Your Asset

Join a Growing Network of Institutional-Grade Investments

Our platform lets you develop and manage any type of regulated security offering or fundraising effort
Private Equity
Raise Funds Faster
  • Streamline your fundraise thanks to faster transactions and easy-to-build contracts
  • Replace paper certificates with digital tokens, which are easier to issue and trade
  • Bundle assets in creative new ways for endless fundraising opportunities
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Venture Capital
Let Investors Cash Out Anytime
  • Give your investors the option to trade tokens in a liquid secondary market
  • Secure investor funds and improve transparency
  • Participate in a global marketplace of verified startup equity offerings
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Real Estate
Cut Through Red Tape
  • Simplify cross-border investments
  • Easily distribute quarterly dividends to investors
  • Add your property to a growing network of institutional-grade properties
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Stay in Complete Control of Your Assets

Solidblock technology turns ownership terms and conditions into code.

That means you can customize ownership rights based on what’s best for your project and your investors.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Tokenized securities comply with SEC and other financial regulations
Limit Risks& Expenses
We build on a distributed infrastructure that secures and streamlines transactions
Automate Admin Tasks
Smart contracts help you minimize admin, management, and legal fees
Secure Your Funds
Our blockchain platform protects owners from fraud and cyber-attacks

Our network

Solidblock brings together a network of strategic partners, which offers the technology, legal, and regulatory infrastructure to executeeven the most complex Tokenization structures
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Solidblock Team

Yuval brings more than 15 years of technology and product management experience toSolidblock. He’s helped both startups and large enterprises bring new media and marketing plans to life. Yuval’s vision forSolidblock is to democratize private equity, venture capital, and real estate investing.
Yuval Wirzberger
Founder & ceo
Yael is a blockchain/crypto strategist, speaker, storyteller, advisor, and mentor. In 2017, Yael founded TopOfBlockchain, assisting blockchain companies with go-to-market strategy and mainstream companies with blockchain adoption, making sense of blockchain and crypto for mainstream markets and applications.
Yael Tamar
Evgeny is a full-stack developer with expertise in both Java and .NET programming languages. He brings more than 14 years of experience in application development and software engineering to theSolidblock team.
Evgeny Tsirkin
Amitay has worked in software development for 8 years and spent the last 3 years as CTO & Co-Founder of Blockchain JLM.
Amitay Molko
Lead Developer
Tomer is a blockchain development specialist and a graduate of the InfinityLabs R&D program.
Tomer Weisman
Lead Developer
Jonathan is a Partner at Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal (Israel's leading International Law firm) and leads the firm’s blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital coin practice. He specializes in working with companies developing blockchain infrastructure and funds dedicated to investing in digital currencies and assets.
Jonathan Irom
Legal Counsel
Angela has more than 10 years of experience managing complex projects, coordinating team members, and ensuring deadlines are met.
Angela Maurer
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SolidBlock Team
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Tokenization case study

The Aspencoin
Digital security token offering
Aspen Digital Token distributed to investors, presenting purchasers with a unique opportunity to gain an indirect fragmented equity ownership stake in the St. Regis Aspen Resort, in Aspen, Colorado, an iconic trophy property.
$18M Funds Raised
Token Issued October 2018
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The Untapped Global Opportunity

Trillions of dollars worth of securities can now migrate to the blockchain
Global Securities