The Next Generation of Venture Funding: Powered by the Blockchain

We create asset-backed security tokens to help security issuers raise more capital and offer investors true liquidity.
What is SolidBlock?

Smart Contract Development & Management Platform for Tokenized Securities

SolidBlock technology gives you the ability to:
  • Tokenize any asset and sell shares in exchange for fiat or cryptocurrency
  • Reduce overhead costs and get up and running quickly
  • Structure your security according to your business objectives
About SolidBlock

Give Your Investors What They Really Want: Peace of Mind

All investors are looking for high rates of return on their investments. But they also want to know their funds are safe and accessible.
When you tokenize your security with Solidblock, your investors benefit from enhanced liquidity and fast, secure, low-cost transactions, so they can rest easy knowing their investments are accessible and tradable with the push of a button.
Tokenize Your Asset

Join a Growing Network of Institutional-Grade Investments

Our platform lets you develop and manage any type of regulated security offering or fundraising effort
Private Equity
Raise Funds Faster
  • Streamline your fundraise thanks to faster transactions and easy-to-build contracts
  • Replace paper certificates with digital tokens, which are easier to issue and trade
  • Bundle assets in creative new ways for endless fundraising opportunities
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Venture Capital
Let Investors Cash Out Anytime
  • Give your investors the option to trade tokens in a liquid secondary market
  • Secure investor funds and improve transparency
  • Participate in a global marketplace of verified startup equity offerings
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Real Estate
Cut Through Red Tape
  • Simplify cross-border investments
  • Easily distribute quarterly dividends to investors
  • Add your property to a growing network of institutional-grade properties
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Stay in Complete Control of Your Assets

SolidBlock technology turns ownership terms and conditions into code.

That means you can customize ownership rights based on what’s best for your project and your investors.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Tokenized securities comply with SEC and other financial regulations
Limit Risks & Expenses
We build on a distributed infrastructure that secures and streamlines transactions
Automate Admin Tasks
Smart contracts help you minimize admin, management, and legal fees
Secure Your Funds
Our blockchain platform protects owners from fraud and cyber-attacks

Our network

SolidBlock brings together a network of strategic partners, which offers the technology, legal, and regulatory infrastructure to execute even the most complex tokenization structures
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Executive Team

Yuval brings more than 15 years of technology and product management experience to SolidBlock. He’s helped both startups and large enterprises bring new media and marketing plans to life. Yuval’s vision for SolidBlock is to democratize private equity, venture capital, and real estate investing.
Yuval Wirzberger
Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Yael works to make property investing accessible, transparent and streamlined with SolidBlock. Prior to that, Yael has had over a decade of experience as a marketing executive within the fintech, finance, telecom and energy industries, as well as a long track record as an entrepreneur. Yael also co-chairs the Israel region of the FIBREE.
Yael Tamar
Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Alon is SolidBlock's Strategist, and Financial products developer. An experienced entrepreneur and innovative strategist. FO CIO, RE Investments Manager, VC Manager (Tikvah), Business Strategy Consultant, and Teacher (TAU). Alon is a Financial Risk Manager (GARP), Ph.D. studies Business Strategy, MBA Finance, B.Sc. Industrial and Management Engineer, Civil P. Engineer.
Alon Cohen
Natalie is the legal counsel at SolidBlock, where she has responsibility for ensuring project-based compliance with international securities laws and regulations, amongst other legal matters and content writing. Prior to SB, Natalie worked as a commercial lawyer at an American-Law 200 Firm. Natalie holds her J.D. from Fordham University and her Bachelor's Degree from Vanderbilt University.
Natalie Birnbaum
Legal Counsel
Moran is a skilled and self-motivated entrepreneur bringing forth many years of experience as a business owner She's also managed marketing and relationships for a startup in the lifestyle sector. Strong suites include a diverse skill-set adept in software, applications, and digital marketing platforms.
Moran Hertzanu Weiss
Director of Operations
Chasing new challenges, Zimra joined Solidblock after more than 15 years serving as Director of Resource Development in leading not-for-profit organizations. She brings a wealth of project development and implementation experience, fundraising, grant writing and management, a keen understanding of social media and blogging as well as an avid passion for creating opportunities for individual and team growth.
Zimra Vigoda
Senior account manager


Ido specialises in RE and Tax Law. He has many years of experience as a RE Appraiser working with the Israel Tax Authority. He is an advisor to SolidBlock Board on taxation and regulatory requirements in the blockchain and securities tokenization space. He is a lecturer and speaker and co-chairs the Israel region of the FIBREE.
Ido Shacham
Real Estate Tax & Appraiser
Israel is a U.S. trained attorney and CPA with broad experience in international taxation, securities agreements and compliance, organization and structuring, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions. He advises and counsels financial institutions, high-tech companies, VC funds and RE partnerships on legal and financial elements.
Israel Frenkel
Securities & Tax
Teresa is an international real estate technologist investment banker. She is the founder of Consortia, which tokenized the world’s largest asset class: real estate. She created San Francisco’s first 100% online real estate brokerage and is an equity partner at an international investment bank.
Teresa Rabenberg Grobecker
Real Estate Advisor
Vanessa is the Founder, Principal Broker and the CEO of Global Property Systems (GPS). She holds numerous designations and is Certified in Commercial Investment Real Estate, is an International Property Specialist, a Distressed Property Expert, is Certified by the Federation of International Real Estate and is a Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor.
Vanessa Saunders
Real Estate Advisor
Leo is a finance professional with a civil engineering background and 25 years of experience in Real Estate Development, Investment Analysis, and Corporate Finance. Prior to joining SolidBlock, Leo served as a finance consultant advising clients with property acquisitions and with project funding.
Leo Rocha
Real Estate Advisor
Samuel has an extensive practice record in U.S Securities Law and the requirements for publicly traded companies in the U.S (IPOs, annual reports, proxy statements, Form D, mergers & acquisitions and corporate governance). He specialises in token offerings, including security and utility tokens, private fund formation, private equity and VC funds.
Samuel Katz
Securities Law
Former General Manager and Board Director of Anglo Saxon, Adina is now involved in real estate development deals focused on social impact, and is dedicated to consulting real estate tech companies helping them navigate the projects space while providing valuable insight and connections.
Adina Haham
Realtor Distribution Advisor
Ronit served in key executive positions in the communications sector in Israel. In her last position, Ronit served as Deputy CEO at Pelephone. Today Ronit advises and supports startups in various stages, on strategy, marketing and business/commercial matters.
Ronit Marcus
Corporate Finance
Shuey has many years experience in corporate & nonprofit financial strategy and deployment. Educated at Columbia University’s Engineering School, he is a Customized Financial Solution Provider for U-Bank and the Bank of Jerusalem. Shuey launched Fogel CFO & Management Services in 2014, helping clients achieve their financial goals.
Shuey Fogel

Tokenization case study

The Aspencoin
Digital security token offering
Aspen Digital Token distributed to investors, presenting purchasers with a unique opportunity to gain an indirect fragmented equity ownership stake in the St. Regis Aspen Resort, in Aspen, Colorado, an iconic trophy property.
$18M funds raised
Token Issued October 2018
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The Untapped Global Opportunity

Trillions of dollars worth of securities can now migrate to the blockchain
Global Securities